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About Me

My name is Tyler and I'm a registered massage therapist with a passion for helping people find wellness and balance in their lives.

When I'm not at the massage studio, you can find me hiking, camping, or making jewelry. I really love the outdoors and find being out in nature to be really therapeutic. 

Whatever your treatment goals might be, I am here to help you feel your best so that you can continue to do the things that you love! 

nanaimo massage therapist

My Philosophy

I believe that our body is always communicating with us, but  we are often too busy to listen. Sometimes this shows up as pain or stiffness. Massage invites to look inward at the subtle sensations we might be feeling, and outward at how we carry ourselves day to day. The body is constantly listening to us and making changes based on our habits and lifestyle.


We are extremely adaptable, and it is my goal to help educate people on this - to empower and encourage them.


Your body is capable of incredible things!


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